A1Creatives manual

A1Creatives is a ready to use 2- or 3-component system consisting of a mineral powder, a water-based resin and for some versions a dust colour. These bind in such a way that a very strong object is created with a different appearances.

A1Creatives is water-based, easy to use and does not contain solvents. A1Creatives is developed to be casted into a (silicone) mould as it will create a copy of the mould with all fine details.

A1Creatives consists of:

  • 100 grams A1Creatives Liquid
  • 200 – 350 grams A1Creatives Powder

The mixing ratio of A1Creatives varies per A1Creatives version and is indicated on the jars.
Make sure all components are present before starting to mix. Use a scale if needed.

Instructions weighing and mixing of A1Creatives:

  • Determine the amount of A1Creatives needed. If needed you can combine several sets of A1Creatives together.
  • Shake the liquid well and pour 1 part liquid (on weight) into a cup.
  • Put 2 to 3.5 parts of Powder (on weight) into the same cup.
  • Mix the Liquid and the Powder until all lumps have disappeared. Normally this will take between 30 and 60 seconds.

Instructions for casting A1Creatives into a mould:

  • After mixing A1Creatives, pour about half of the mixture into the mould and shake or tap the sides of the mould to remove any trapped air. For complex moulds, we recommend rotating the mould with the mixture a few times, in order to get a thin layer of the mixture throughout the mould and to prevent air entrapment. An alternative is to apply a first layer of the mixture in the mould with a brush.
  • Fill the mould with the rest of the mixture.
  • Wait between 20 and 60 minutes to let the A1Creatives to cure. Use the leftover in the mixing cup to verify if the A1Creatives has cured. Extend the waiting time (for fragile objects with several hours) if needed.
  • Release the A1Creatives object from the mould.
  • After placing the object onto a surface expect some moist to be released on the surface as the curing will continue for the next few hours.
Instructions for stencilling with A1Creatives:


After treatment:

  • For a shiny look polish the A1Creatives object by hand with a cloth or use a polish machine.

A1Creatives instruction video


  • Protect your clothes when mixing as A1Creatives has excellent adhesion to your clothes when spilt onto.
  • You can clean your hands with soap and water.
  • The mixing cup can be cleaned after curing by cracking the leftover of the A1Creatives.
  • Do not pour any uncured A1Creatives into a sink, as the curing will continue under water and can block the sewer.
  • The remaining of the A1Creatives can be smashed and used as filler for new A1Creatives projects.


  • A1Creatives is not a hazardous substance or mixture.
  • Avoid the inhalation of dust.
  • Use gloves if preferred.
  • If inhaled: fresh air.
  • In case of skin irritation: Remove contaminated clothing, wash as a precaution with soap and water, consult a physician if skin irritation persists.
  • In case of eye contact: rinse out with plenty of water. Remove contact lenses.
  • If swallowed: Rinse mouth thoroughly with plenty of water, drink 1 or 2 glasses of water. If necessary consult a doctor. Never let an unconscious person drink. Provide plenty of fresh air.
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