Using A1Creatives for mould casting

Zuri Design Moulds

Zuri Moulds are famous for their very fine details. As a result of the little expansion of A1Creratives during curing a highly detailled casting will be the result. 

As a result of these fine details A1Creatives can in some cases break during demoulding. Just a thin set laminated on the back side is often enough to prevent this from happening. 


The plastic moulds by Stamperia are ideal for casting with A1Creatives. The smoothness of the plastic can easily be seen and felt in the final result. 

The thickness of these moulds will result in strong A1Creatives castings which can easily be processed further.

Atelier des arts Moulds from Stamperia and Casted with A1Creatives Ivory Stone

Finnabair moulds

The soft silicone of Finnabair makes demoulding of A1Creatives casting very simple. Even for more vulnerable elements.  

Dadarkar Arts moulds

Bijzonder fijn gedetailleerde mallen waarmee prachtige castings te maken zijn. Door de zachte siliconen is het lossen van A1Creatives heel eenvoudig al waren de bloemsteeltjes soms te fijn van detail.

Chocolat moulds

Although developed for Chocolate prints these moulds are perfect for A1Creatives.

Widely available and quite affordable makes them the perfect mould for a wide range of designs. 

Ice cubes moulds

We noticed that moulds creates for Ice cubes create funny A1Creatives castings. By using different expressions the objects are the perfect start for kids to make their own craft work.