Introduction Video

A1Creatives Introduction video by Crea Red, Ambassador of A1Creatives

In this video Karin shows the basic techniques in working with A1 Creatives like the different A1Creatives expressions, mixing, working with Moulds and painting of A1Creatives objects with Waxes and Inkt.

This video is made for Zuri Design, our partner in the United States. You will not be surprised that also the fabulous Zuri Moulds are discussed. A1Creatives is offered in the US by Zuri Design under the name Zuri Design Resin.

This video is recorded during a LIVE workshop on the Zuri Design Facebook Group page. Beneath the video you will find and overview of the subjects discussed including the time table.

More of Karin's work can be found on her Facebook page  MIXED MEDIA SOULMATES or on her Etsy website  

  Time & Subjects
    00:00 Introduction of Zuri Design Resin 
   14:40 The latest and upcoming Zuri Moulds
   19:50 Mixing of Zuri Design Resin / A1Creatives
   23:50 Casting Zuri Design Resin Black
   27:55 Re-use of mixing left-overs
   29:10 Working with Zuri Design Resin Iron  
Time & Subjects
   40:55 The different Zuri Design Resin expressions
   42:16 Using Waxes on Zuri Design Resin
   46:40 Using Inkt on Zuri Design Resin
   59:10 Adding Vintage paste
1:08:30 Demoulding Zuri mould
1:14:10 Round-up