3D Cabinet

- by Bianca van Noort, Ambassador of A1Creatives -

In this video Bianca shows how she made the cabinet with the mould 'Curiosities Cabinet' of Zuri.

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A1Creatives consists of a water-based liquid and a mineral powder. After mixing, a liquid mass is formed (often compared to pancake mixture). This can be cast in a mold or used for stenciling. A1Creatives can be provided with pigments, metal powder or colored sand to achieve the desired appearance.

Mixing is very easy in a (preferably) silicone cup. Processing time is approximately 12-15 minutes. In general, the A1Creatives is sufficiently cured after about 1 hour for further processing.

A1Creatives moulds

- by Bianca van Noort, Ambassador of A1Creatives -

In this short video Bianca shows what is included in the package of the A1Creatives Owl and A1Creatives Turtle. She also shows a few examples how to use the moulds i.c. with other materials.

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A1Creatives Introductie video

- door Crea Red, Ambassadeur van A1Creatives -

Introduction of working with A1Creatives by our Ambassador Karin. Karin is also better known with her Mixed Media name, Crea Red. Crea Red.

In this video Karin shows the basic techniques in working with A1Creatives like the different A1Creatives expressions, mixing, working with moulds and painting of A1Creatives objects with waxes and inkt.

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Mixed Media

A1Creatives belongs in the standard material range of every Mixed Media artist. Perfect printing from moulds, easy stencilling or creating textures. This is all possible with A1Creatives.

A1Creatives combines excellently with other materials such as wood, styrofoam, canvas, rice paper, textile and can be painted afterwards. A1Creatives is water based, contains no solvents and is simple & safe to work with.

New: A1Creatives moulds Owl and Turtle

Currently there are 2 different silicone moulds available; the OWL and the TURTLE.

The A1Creatives moulds give artists the freedom to create an infinite number of different creations. The silicone mould consists of 4 different elements that can be combined in different ways. In addition, these elements can also be exchanged with each other.

Naast de silicone mal bevat het pakket ook een STENCIL, GRAY CARD en de originele TEKENING van de ontwerper Alex Konahin om nog meer mogelijkheden toe te voegen.

A1Creatives OWL and TURTLE are designed to be used with A1 and A1Creatives. However, many other materials such as epoxy, clay and chocolate can also be used.

View the page with A1Creatives moulds and examples here.

Our A1Creatives ambassadors

We are very proud these ladies have agreed to become A1Creatives ambassadors. Together they will provide many inspiring A1Creatives projects.

Crea Red
Inge van den Broek
Béatrice Créations
Penny Jayne
Hadry DC
Irina Medova
Dolphin Delite Design
Bianca van Noort

Webshop en resellers

Working with A1Creatives yourself is easy via our webshop or via one of our resellers.

A1Creatives originated from A1 (Acrylic One). Artists all over the world have now been using A1 for over 20 years to turn their idea into an art project. On our A1 website www.activecomposite.com you will find many examples of projects made with A1.