A1Creatives Video Tutorials

Getting started

how to start a mixed media project, Beginners mixed media with less expensive products by Crea Red. No A1Creatives but still very relevant.

Mixing & Casting

In deze video een stap voor stap instructie voor het mixen en gieten van A1Creatives Sand Stone. De verhouding is hier 1 deel Component A en 3,5 delen Component B. 

Casting Zuri Mould

Zuri mould Wulf casted and decorated with A1Creatives Graphite

Curved element

How to curve A1Creatives around a vase without in combination with a mould. Although only our first try and more testing needs to done we are quite satisfied with the results.

Release from Mould

After casting with A1Creatives the release of an object with fragile details in one piece from a silicone mould can be difficult. In this video we show you the use of C-veil as a support.


A1 texture past with Sand by Crea Red

Texture sheet

A1Creatives with Texture sheets from Zuri by Crea Red


Decorating a vase with moulds from Zuri and using A1Creatives to cast them and make testures by Crea Red


Alginate in combination with A1Creatives is the perfect material for body casting and both are surprisingly easy to use. That’s why we asked ourselves: What if we add Alginate and A1Creatives to our MM project.


A step by step example using Cavex Clevercast Alginate making a mould of two hands which is casted with A1 (Acrylic One) to create an almost perfect copy. A light bulb was added to create a very personal and special lamp.

A1Creatives Iron

How to mix and cast A1Creatives Iron

Create Rust effect

How to create real rust effect with A1 and Iron powder.

Create Rust effect

When you would like to achieve a rusted effect, use the iron power as shown in this instruction video.

Marble effect

How to marble effect with A1Creatives by Crea Red

Creating Terrazzo

A1 (Acrylic One) Terrazzo consists of 100% A1 in any color or design you can imagine. After curing sanding will produce a textured surface.


A1 stenciling with ATP powder and A1 by Crea Red