Strong roots

By Penny Jayne:

I have been enjoying stamping into A1 so have done another project. I mixed some A1 and added so ATP powder until I had reached the right consistency. Spread it on the canvas and pressed my stamps into it. I left them until it was nearly set then removed them and waited for it to cure completely. I then inked up my stamps and easily replaced them back into the impressions and pressed down to stamp the black image. I then sprinkled some brushos and shimmer powders on and sprayed with water. I gave it a bit of a tilt to help the colours move and then left it to dry naturally. I was going to just leave it as blue and green but had a critic(my Mum) tell me it needed more so I added some purple powder and sprayed it again. When it was dry I decided to re ink the image as it was looking a bit faded.


  • 12cm x 18cm 5″x 7″ canvas
  • A1 LP01
  • ATP powder
  • Ranger Archival ink Jet Black
  • Art Inspirations stamp designed by Brejanzart
  • Brushos blue & green
  • Tonic Shimmer Powders Violet Brocade & Green Parade
  • Lindys Starburst Spray Tibetan Poppy Teal

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