Rusty wooden board with texture paste and moldings

By Béactrice Créations:

Wooden board 45×19 structure paste, moldings, rusty effect on the board # a1creatives of #acrylicone paint #pentart cogs with Rust Effect Paste #finnabair + Matte Wax. Poraver (small beads) tinted alcohol ink #Ranger image #timholtz #finnabairmould.

In fact I make my structure dough with the powder and the liquid A1 plus ATP powder that I mixed with the small Poraver pearls (I did a test in fact !!!) I spread this thick dough so it hardens !!! I spent my paint I sanded to look aged too happy with the result !!! for the rusty effect it’s the iron kit I added ATP powder again and I put my iron powder on top I let dry and I spray water but I left a wet cloth on my mixture and this rusty morning !!!😁

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