Glow in the Dark Night Dear
Created by Penny Jayne

My base here is an 8″x10″ Canvas Art Board from Zutter. I used Pentart Fiber Paste with the Aall & Create Rota Vitae stencil designed by Olga Heldwein I also added a few extra bits with the deer stencil KSTD044 from Stamperia. I then painted it all with Viva Decor Maya Stardust Night Blue. This gave me a rough framed area to place my main piece.

This was made using the Stamperia Cosmos Deer mould filled with my Favourite A1 Creatives Glow that I strategically placed in some areas that I wanted to glow. I then filled the rest of the mould with base A1. When dry I also painted some of this with Viva Decor Maya Stardust Night Blue just leaving the glow areas sort of clear or with a very watered down wash over parts. I attached this to a piece of navy card to give a slight drop shadow effect then I fixed this piece to the canvas using Amsterdam Extra Heavy Gel Medium.

That night I decided I wanted a few more areas to glow so I mixed up some Culture Hustle Stuart Semple Original Lit powder with a bit of 13arts Acrylic Modeling Paste and dabbed that on in a few places round some of the stenciled areas.


  • A1 Creatives, Glow
  • A1 LP01 liquid and powder
  • Zutter 8″x10″ Canvas Art Board
  • Aall & Create Rota Vitae Stencil designed by Olga Heldwein
  • Stamperia Cosmos Deer Stencil KSTD044
  • Stamperia Cosmos Deer mould K3PTA519 
  • Pentart Fiber Paste
  • Viva Decor Maya Stardust Night Blue
  • Culture Hustle Stuart Semple Original Lit powder
  • Amsterdam Extra Heavy Gel Medium
  • 13arts Acrylic Modeling Paste

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