Night Glow Mercurial Beast
By Penny Jayne:
I decided on an approx 20cm x 20cm box canvas for this next project. I thought this would work well with my Stencil from Apple Blossom named Oriental Bamboo from their Oriental Garden collection.
I mixed up some A1 Creatives Glow with a bit of ATP powder to make a paste to stencil the corners. I then let it dry a bit and made up some fresh paste with A1 base and ATP powder to stencil the center design.
When it was all dry I sprayed the canvas with water and  painted it with Crafters Companion Arctic Sparkle pen from the Leonie Pujol range, using a water brush. I made sure I didn’t put it on too heavy/watered down more over the corners where I had stenciled with A1 Glow as I wanted to make sure I didn’t risk losing any of the extra strong Glow in the night factor 😁 I wanted the center design to stand out a bit so I highlighted it with some Prima re-design Gravity Decor Wax as I knew that I was going to place my main piece the Zuri Designs Inc  Mercurial Beast cast on top of it. This I made with A1 Creatives Glow and then gave it a very watered down wash with the same sparkle pen I had used on the rest of it. 

The cast was fixed in place with Amsterdam Extra Heavy Gel Medium. To finish I lightly rubbed round some of the edges of the canvas with some Art Alchemy Patina Blue Matte Wax from Finnabair/Prima and also a bit of the Gravity Wax.
  • A1 Creatives, Glow
  • A1LP01 liquid & powder
  • A1 ATP powder
  • Zuri Designs Inc, Mercurial Beast
  • 20cm x 20cm canvas
  • Apple Blossom, Oriental Bamboo Stencil from The Oriental Garden Collection
  • Crafters Companion, Arctic Sparkle Pen by Leonie Pujol
  • Prima Re-Design, Decor Wax, Gravity
  • Finnabair/Prima, Art Alchemy Patina Blue Matte Wax

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