Ornate Elephant

By Penny Jayne:

To start I dusted some parts of the elephant mould with the little pot of iron you get in the iron set. I then mixed up some A1 and added a bit of blue pigment and mixed it in. Poured into the mould and let it cure. I then sprayed the cast with water, covered with a damp cloth and kept it wet for a couple of days to let it rust naturally. When sufficiently rusted I enhanced the detail with silver and gold waxes. I did this with a brush so that I could pick out different areas with different shades and colours. I then cast the background piece using a mould I was gifted. I did this in black A1. When cured I brushed on silver wax for most of it then some antique gold on the outer parts for a bit of contrast. When dry I polished it all to make it shine. Then stuck the Elephant to the background with a heavy body gel.


  • Zuri designs inc mould Ornate Elephant
  • Mandala mould
  • A1 LP01
  • A1 Blue pigment
  • A1 rust powder/iron powder little pot from the iron set
  • A1 Black
  • Pebeo Antique Gold, King Gold and Silver Gilding waxes
  • Amsterdam Extra Heavy Gel Medium

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