New Box – Medusa Gorgon
By Larissa Osadchenko:
Now it’s time to apply another Zuri Mold and A1Creatives water-based resin. The wooden box-bag can be used both as a box and as an original bag. It can also decorate the shop window with herself 🙂.
By design – there is a lot here – and a stencil with gold leaf, and a mosaic, and a set from Finnabair Mechanicals, and dry pigment, and pearlescent paints, Prima waxes, and more, and more…
The size of the box bag is 18 * 21 * 8 cm, including the handle – 26 * 21 * 8 cm.
Now I’m working on the insides so that it can be used as a bag 🙂.
Therefore, to be continued …


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