Mini Canvas Paw Prints

By Penny Jayne:

Here is a really quick and simple project. I mixed some A1 and added some ATP powder and mixed them together. Then spread it on the mini canvas quite thickly. I then pressed my stamps into it and let it almost set. I removed my stamps and left it to continue to set hard. I inked up my stamps with black ink and placed them easily back into the impressions I had made and pressed down a bit to stamp them. Left it a minute or two for the ink to dry then sprinkled some blue and green brushos and a bit of green shimmer powder on. Sprayed with water and let it do its thing I then removed the stamps and tilted the canvas a bit just to help the water and colours move a bit more.


  • 9cm x 7cm canvas
  • A1 LP01
  • A1 ATP powder
  • Aall & Create Paw Prints Stamp set designed by Janet Klein
  • Tonic Nuvo Black Shadow hybrid ink
  • Brushos, Blue and Green
  • Tonic Shimmer powder green

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