Elephant Family

By Penny Harris:

For this project I used some Hearty Soft Air-dry clay in the beautiful Zuri Designs Inc Peacock Splendor mould. I was careful where I put it as I knew I only needed the neck and some of the body. I shaped the end of the trunk and mouth slightly just to make it a bit more elephanty 😁.
I knew I had the perfect stencil for this project that I bought years ago from Crafters Companion.

I used a canvas, approximate size 12″ x 10″ or 30cm x 25cm. I mixed some A1 base liquid and powder and some ATP Powder to use on the elephant family stencil. I had a bit extra so used it to add more texture in a few places.

To colour the project I used Crafters Companion Spectrum Noir Aqua Blend Pencils. I coloured straight on to the canvas with the pencils then sprayed it with water and used a water brush to blend it all. I also used the pencils to colour the big elephant’s clay head only this time.

I made a pallet on a piece of paper with the pencils then used a water bush to pick up the pigment and paint with it.

When dry I stuck the head on with Amsterdam Extra Heavy Gel Medium. Then used some Pebeo silver and king Gold  waxes to highlight.


  • A1 LP01 Liquid & A1 LP01 Powder
  • A1 ATP Powder
  • Zuri Designs INC Peacock Splendor Mould
  • Hearty Soft Air-dry Clay
  • Crafters Companion Elephant Family Stencil
  • Crafters Companion Spectrum Noir Aqua Blend Watercolour Pencils
  • Pebeo Silver & King Gold Waxes
  • Amsterdam Extra Heavy Gel Medium
  • Canvas 30cm x 25cm/12″ x 10″

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